Friday, December 20, 2013

Making my own Jeans - the first three months....

My Original Jeans
Muslin Back
Muslin Front
I bought the craftsy class jean-ius by Kennith d King on how to make jeans a while ago and have been making these for a while now. The first issue was that I bought the denim in a hurry so forgot to check if it had stretch in it like the jeans I was copying. so then I had to buy more denim. The next issue is the class - watching the class, even when you select as lower resolution still eats our broadband allowance. So I feel really guilty when I am watching the video. Also there is little in the way of written instructions, so I now have to rewatch the videos, as I've forgotten half of it! the photos above show the process to 'over stitch/baste on the seams' of the current jeans, then you make a copy onto organza, then you copy that onto a muslin and try it on. This is my third muslin fit. Of course in the meantime I've had no jeans, so finally unbasted these jeans to start wearing them again. The saga continues, as now I have realised I need a higher waist so will add some more material to the muslin and try and refit....

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My 7 year knitting adventure

My black fluffy scarf is finally completed (don't you love our original carpet).  Obviously this one has taken a while. Its now out of my UFO (Unfinished object) pile and in my wardrobe. It struggled to finish this one, for a couple of reasons, firstly because for all the effort I was using a cheap acrylic wool and it didn't feel that nice to knit. Secondly because a stylist told me I didn't suit black that close to my face. Also I was knitting this when sad stuff was happening, and I kept remembering that when ever I saw it. But pleased to get it out of the way. Don't think I'll be buying any wool anytime soon, especially as the knitting needles have become swords for the 3 year old.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mostly unpacked

I've finally got most of my sewing stuff unpacked. Still waiting to find room for my dress dummy, and my patterns.  I was going to go for shelves along the back wall, then decided to try using up what I had.

I did buy a trestle table for my sewing machine, and a rimu table with drop sides for my cutting out. Just need hubby to raise the table a bit more so I don't get a sore back from cutting out at a low level. Find the ironing board is at just the right height. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Buzzy Bee trousers

I used a self drafted pattern to create these pajama bottoms for Mr F.  They are a good fit with room for a bit of leg growth. This was handed down fabric from my Mum. She had been using it to make bibs, and I'd been saving it for that as well. Unfortunately Mr F is now well over the bib stage so I thought I'd better use it up before it becomes unfashionable!
Don't feel any great need to fuss making a pajama top as he has lots of tee shirt tops to choose from at the moment.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sewing weekend

I was lucky enough to go to the meet up fabric hoarders sewing weekend away a while ago.  It was a bit stressful packing up, had to tidy my sewing room first so only essential things came. Then my list of projects got too big and I left 4 of them behind. I did manage to get a skirt fixed, and  a summer a line skirt made. I also make a white tunic.
Suzanne arranged for us to decorate some bunting she had made and it hung up all weekend and made the whole place look fantastic. Emma from the Takahe bites 
was there along with 8 others and we had a great time. Of course was on a roll so no time to stop for photos

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cape challenge completed!

Finished my cape challenge. The Oliver & S red riding hood cape was so much fun to make. I made it slightly more complicated than necessary by making it reversable, and then having to rethread my machine about 6 times as I kept forgetting things!  I've already started cutting out my next cape, making it a medium size with a self drafted small hood, as the large cape fitted me rather than the age 6-10 it was designed for!  I had to put a red riding hood button on both sides that I bought especially from Stitchbird Fabrics (actually the buttons were the inspiration). So here it is.

All cut out and ready to sew. Its a crushed green cotton from Global Fabrics, and a red Cordroy that a friend gifted me.

The red side with the cute button.

 The fully reversable green side.

And to show its size in reality, modelled by Mr F age 3. (and no I could not get it to not rotate!).

Saturday, August 10, 2013

craftsy the ultimate tee shirt 1

I'm very proud of actually finishing watching all of this class. I have yet to complete watching the "couture dress" (because really when am I going to spend that much time on something for me). Teh craftsy Kennith King "Jeanus make your own jeans" denimn material is now cushions which shows how unsuccessful that class was. (Maybe if I had actually made a pair of trousers before that may have helped)

I have cut pattern out then reviewed the instructions which I forgot had added in about 4 inches to the sleeves as you omitted a lower sleeve band. So it will be a 3/4 length sleeve. 

 This is me pin fitting the sides. Which were huge. I should probably have ripped out the neck band and resewn but kept thinking it had pressed out. Also had to add in back shoulder arm darts to stop the material being too bulky, but in reality once sewn they looked a bit strange (it can still be worn with a jacket). Also, managed to put the bust darts in too high, so it only looks good if you slouch your shoulders and pull the bottom tight.

 I liked the one inch hem and this was the first time I had used sewing adhesive, but it looks really good. I learnt a lot from the class, tried to make notes as I went. Next time I will make it short sleeved and try and perfect a tee shirt block from this.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

cape motivation
 are  having a cape sew along this month. I'm planning on makjng oliver and s red riding hood cape for my niece.  I got so excited about it that I think I have bought the material about three times now, wanting to get the perfect material. In part because said niece wanted a green cape not red. so I think I am going to go for red on the outside with green lining.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Red knit dress

I made this dress to see if doing that knot thing in the front was as complicated as it looks. It wasn't but the arms look a bit funny on me - neither one thing no another. I put this back in my sewing pile to add sleeves to, and came across it when I was unpacking. Forgot about why it was still awaiting repair and wore it with a black top underneath. It didn't look too bad as I folded back the sleeves. Looked better the next time I wore it as I wore it with a black shrug so you couldn't see the arms at all. The front seam doesn't sit quite right, probably would have been good to try some sort of flat seam, but will try and press it before I wear it again and see if that makes a difference.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The problem with moving house

The problem with moving house, is that not only does it cut into your sewing time when you look for a house, when you find one you actually want to buy, you also suddenly find yourself needing to urgently do up your current house to put it on the market so you can afford the new house. Yes sensible people would look ahead and notice that second step and do something about it earlier, but I wasn't one of them. Which explains why I have been a bit slack on the sewing front. I did have a couple of project set aside so I could still do my monthly Sunday sewing, but in reality was too tired to actually sew, so just took along a sewing magazine and some trousers to hem. Now that we have actually moved, I've hit two issues I hadn't planned upon - the first being that after a month we have yet to find the camera battery chargers, and my sewing machine power cord. So I can't download any pictures, or make anything that can't be made on an overlocker with white thread (one day I will be brave enough to change it to black and curse for an hour afterwards...). I did find a couple of photos on the camera, so here is the pink nightshirt. For some reason I chose to follow the sizes on the pattern back/or read them wrong, but I ended up making a size 14, with a bad feeling all along about sizing, and I was right. It looks okay, but I really wanted something with a bit more movement in for sleep time, so this has now been gifted. I'm making this the next size up in blue, and have only the button holes to go (and a power cord to find)!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Refashioned Burberry Skirt

Note the very cool pocket and n-zip side entry to this burberry skirt
This was an ankle length pleated skirt I picked up in a high end second hand clothes store that had some moth holes in it. I should have taken before pictures but I basically cut out two bands around the middle of the skirt, cut out the sections with moth holes, rejoined the bands and then gathered them and reattached to the bottom of skirt. I sewed down the pleats to make attaching the gathers easier. I was most impressed by the very cool side zip hidden in front pocket - and made sure I kept the Burberry label and buttons on the skirt.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vogue 1120 blue china silk dress

This dress was over a year in the making. Any anything that could go wrong with it did. I think I did everything except the hem at least twice! The issue was more with my choice of fabric - a lovely china silk, but I kept forgetting which side I was planning to use as the front and pleated the wrong way (or thought I had pleated the wrong way, unpicked, redid and then realised it was right the first time....) I had a choice of shiny background and matt flowers, or shiny flowers and matt background.
This was the first time I had attempted pleats, and that and the raglan sleep meant it was too hard (and I was over it) to make any fitting adjustments round the neck. I was glad I followed the pattern review suggestions and left out the back neck opening.
I moved the ties up to be more of an empire line to suit me better.

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Cowl Neckline Kwiksew

I like the cowl neckline of this top, but it could have done with some bust darts. Have also discovered that the material isn't colour fast which isn't that great. I think I bought three meters of this, so will have enough to make a dress as well!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Starry Cushion

In a moment of blog inspiration, I said to son J that if he drew me a picture I would make it for him on a cushion. So I got lovely picture with four stars with faces drawn on them. I hand embroidered the stars.
Quite a few months later, here is my interpretation..

Inspiring Vintage Woollen Dress at Te Papa

Te Papa Museum Dresses Loved this dress on exhibition at Te Papa at the moment. Beautifully cut and fitted, made in 1958. i think the exhibition has closed and they are showing uniforms now.