Friday, December 20, 2013

Making my own Jeans - the first three months....

My Original Jeans
Muslin Back
Muslin Front
I bought the craftsy class jean-ius by Kennith d King on how to make jeans a while ago and have been making these for a while now. The first issue was that I bought the denim in a hurry so forgot to check if it had stretch in it like the jeans I was copying. so then I had to buy more denim. The next issue is the class - watching the class, even when you select as lower resolution still eats our broadband allowance. So I feel really guilty when I am watching the video. Also there is little in the way of written instructions, so I now have to rewatch the videos, as I've forgotten half of it! the photos above show the process to 'over stitch/baste on the seams' of the current jeans, then you make a copy onto organza, then you copy that onto a muslin and try it on. This is my third muslin fit. Of course in the meantime I've had no jeans, so finally unbasted these jeans to start wearing them again. The saga continues, as now I have realised I need a higher waist so will add some more material to the muslin and try and refit....

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