Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas star singlet

Oops -Pre Christmas post from 2015...
I love it when teachers decide that end of year costumes need to be simple. Last year 
I ended up making 8 pairs of white trousers for Mr J's class.  This year it was just a black singlet.  The teachers did the hard part of spraypainting the star on the front and in a big group they looked great. Mr F of course had to be in the shot. 
Black singlet with gold spraypainted star aka Fred Dagg

I was even luckier with Mr F as his school end of year production required him to be an All Black. We had last years too big teeshirt that I bought cause I could turn it inside out to be all black - and the ever faithful ninja trousers.
Fred Dagg and a mini all black 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Christmas (Tailors} Hams

 Ignoring all my current projects, I decided that I HAD to make a tailors ham. This is used as a pressing tool rather than to eat funnily enough.  I picked up this great bobbin material in a fabric swap with Wendy from Sew Biased
Heavy cotton side

The other side was with some fantastic pure wool that looked like the kind of thing tailors hams were made of. From a fabric swap with the Crafty Mermaid.

pink wool side 
I picked the filling based on others advice and got wood shavings from the pet store (normally used for rabbit beds I think).  I've used these a few times and I think I might have to restuff them as the filling has settled. (Also I was one handed when I was stuffing them so it was a little hard to press the wood down).  I used the free pattern from Victory Patterns.  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

End of year review of my to do list 2015

During my non sewing period due to torn muscles, I spent a while tiding up my sewing room.  This consisted of putting things in their right place. Funny how that makes a difference.

What I also did that was shocking (well to me any) was to make up a list of all the projects I had 'on the go'. Also called UFO - unfinished objects or WIP - work in progress.

As at mid July I had 48 items to complete. Now before you laugh, some of that was mending. It also explained why I had a sinking feeling when i went into my sewing area!

I've since made progress through the list but discovered something interesting. Although I have now completed 31 items, there are still 35 items to do.  I'm not bad at maths (thanks to learning the new maths strategies from Mr 11, so I did some investigation. Turns out that not only did I complete things on my to do list, I also started

  • New curtains for a big bedroom
  • Orange tee - shirt for Mr F
  • Orange trousers for Mr F
  • Skirt block (Craftsy class)
  • and created new patterns for a tee, reusable shopping bag and  a silk bias dress.

I could justify my list for a while I as having to move my machine down two flights of stairs meant I only cut out and drafted patterns at my monthly sewing class. So I knew there would be a bit of a backlog - but 48 - Seriously!

As this is a belated end of year reflection I've learnt that

  1. I like shiny new things
  2. I hate going back to unsuccessful projects and writing up what needs to happen differently - and then throwing unsuccessful garment away.
  3. I need to set aside more time to clear out the to do list before starting new things!
Wonder how long my list will be in mid 2016?