Monday, January 25, 2016

Christmas (Tailors} Hams

 Ignoring all my current projects, I decided that I HAD to make a tailors ham. This is used as a pressing tool rather than to eat funnily enough.  I picked up this great bobbin material in a fabric swap with Wendy from Sew Biased
Heavy cotton side

The other side was with some fantastic pure wool that looked like the kind of thing tailors hams were made of. From a fabric swap with the Crafty Mermaid.

pink wool side 
I picked the filling based on others advice and got wood shavings from the pet store (normally used for rabbit beds I think).  I've used these a few times and I think I might have to restuff them as the filling has settled. (Also I was one handed when I was stuffing them so it was a little hard to press the wood down).  I used the free pattern from Victory Patterns.  

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