Saturday, January 23, 2016

End of year review of my to do list 2015

During my non sewing period due to torn muscles, I spent a while tiding up my sewing room.  This consisted of putting things in their right place. Funny how that makes a difference.

What I also did that was shocking (well to me any) was to make up a list of all the projects I had 'on the go'. Also called UFO - unfinished objects or WIP - work in progress.

As at mid July I had 48 items to complete. Now before you laugh, some of that was mending. It also explained why I had a sinking feeling when i went into my sewing area!

I've since made progress through the list but discovered something interesting. Although I have now completed 31 items, there are still 35 items to do.  I'm not bad at maths (thanks to learning the new maths strategies from Mr 11, so I did some investigation. Turns out that not only did I complete things on my to do list, I also started

  • New curtains for a big bedroom
  • Orange tee - shirt for Mr F
  • Orange trousers for Mr F
  • Skirt block (Craftsy class)
  • and created new patterns for a tee, reusable shopping bag and  a silk bias dress.

I could justify my list for a while I as having to move my machine down two flights of stairs meant I only cut out and drafted patterns at my monthly sewing class. So I knew there would be a bit of a backlog - but 48 - Seriously!

As this is a belated end of year reflection I've learnt that

  1. I like shiny new things
  2. I hate going back to unsuccessful projects and writing up what needs to happen differently - and then throwing unsuccessful garment away.
  3. I need to set aside more time to clear out the to do list before starting new things!
Wonder how long my list will be in mid 2016? 


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  1. I have every faith that it will be shorter! I'm actually sitting at 0 unfinished sewing projects!!! Though I have packed a lot of patterns and fabric, thread and interfacing for my trip to Melbourne. But as the fabric hasn't been cut (or the pattern graded!) - that counts as 0!