Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas star singlet

Oops -Pre Christmas post from 2015...
I love it when teachers decide that end of year costumes need to be simple. Last year 
I ended up making 8 pairs of white trousers for Mr J's class.  This year it was just a black singlet.  The teachers did the hard part of spraypainting the star on the front and in a big group they looked great. Mr F of course had to be in the shot. 
Black singlet with gold spraypainted star aka Fred Dagg

I was even luckier with Mr F as his school end of year production required him to be an All Black. We had last years too big teeshirt that I bought cause I could turn it inside out to be all black - and the ever faithful ninja trousers.
Fred Dagg and a mini all black 

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