Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pink dress

I made an updated version of my black lace dress I wore to a friends wedding for me to wear for Christmas day.  I was hoping to have it made a bit earlier for the pre Christmas socialising but with one hand that didn't happen!  I made a few fit changes, taking it in at the sides, I had  couple of other changes to make but forgot about them when I was cutting out so will do next time.  This might be my first tried and true T&T pattern!
Mr F had to join me in showing off his new orange and blue trousers
Front left
Front left view
Back. Slightly distorted by holding 17 kgs in the front at the same time.  But its my first hand picked zipper
I still don't actually need to undo the zipper to get into the dress so not sure if I will add one next time.  But I'll add a bit more width to the neckline at the shoulder inner side and lower the front neck a bit.

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