Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue Onsie Kwik Sew 3712

I decided to make a 'Onesie' an 'all in one' PJ for my son. I was kindly lent an adult size onesie Kwik Sew pattern 3712. We are lacking pattern shops in Wellington since the demise of Arthur Toyes, and Spotlight rarely have the pattern I'm looking for. Mr J was only 9 at the time of making so it was quite a bit of pattern grading down that I had to do.  I made this out of a blue polar fleece I bought about 3 years ago. This become my priority sewing in a bid to reduce the size (Volume not number) of my stash. 

I really wanted to use fastners/domes on the front for ease of access but wasn't sure they would stay together through two layers of polar fleece, so used buttons instead. Should have added a zipper. Firstly the material was too thick for my flash new machine to make decent button holes. I had to cut and hand bind the button holes.  Then I also forgot the ease of pulling up a zipper compared to doing up 8 buttons. 

It's been worn all winter this year, so I'd count that as a success.

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