Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vintage cushions from Fabric-a-brac

I know the next Fabric-a-brac would be soon, and that photos of what we had made with our stash/purchases would be needed. So that inspired me to finally make up some more cushions for our dining room bench seat.

 Cushion 1 was bought (on sale for $4.00) which I had to get as even buying the inner costs more than that normally. I hand sewed the two beautiful crochet doily that I bought at the last Fabric-a-brac. Next time I'd position the rounds with the cushion stuffed, as the doily did get a bit lost off the edge near the bottom.  
Cushion 2 was a silk green scarf from Fabric-a-brac. Nothing is ever going to go with the faded stripey bench seat covers, but we will replace them eventually. Was too impatient to wait to buy a zipper that would fit, or a bigger inner cushion, so used what we had and stitched it closed. 

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