Saturday, August 10, 2013

craftsy the ultimate tee shirt 1

I'm very proud of actually finishing watching all of this class. I have yet to complete watching the "couture dress" (because really when am I going to spend that much time on something for me). Teh craftsy Kennith King "Jeanus make your own jeans" denimn material is now cushions which shows how unsuccessful that class was. (Maybe if I had actually made a pair of trousers before that may have helped)

I have cut pattern out then reviewed the instructions which I forgot had added in about 4 inches to the sleeves as you omitted a lower sleeve band. So it will be a 3/4 length sleeve. 

 This is me pin fitting the sides. Which were huge. I should probably have ripped out the neck band and resewn but kept thinking it had pressed out. Also had to add in back shoulder arm darts to stop the material being too bulky, but in reality once sewn they looked a bit strange (it can still be worn with a jacket). Also, managed to put the bust darts in too high, so it only looks good if you slouch your shoulders and pull the bottom tight.

 I liked the one inch hem and this was the first time I had used sewing adhesive, but it looks really good. I learnt a lot from the class, tried to make notes as I went. Next time I will make it short sleeved and try and perfect a tee shirt block from this.

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