Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vogue 1120 blue china silk dress

This dress was over a year in the making. Any anything that could go wrong with it did. I think I did everything except the hem at least twice! The issue was more with my choice of fabric - a lovely china silk, but I kept forgetting which side I was planning to use as the front and pleated the wrong way (or thought I had pleated the wrong way, unpicked, redid and then realised it was right the first time....) I had a choice of shiny background and matt flowers, or shiny flowers and matt background.
This was the first time I had attempted pleats, and that and the raglan sleep meant it was too hard (and I was over it) to make any fitting adjustments round the neck. I was glad I followed the pattern review suggestions and left out the back neck opening.
I moved the ties up to be more of an empire line to suit me better.

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