Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hat making

 I've restarted my hat making efforts. I made a very cute red hat last year, and it looked so great that I immediately bought some more material and cut out a blue and green hat. Then summer finished (it happens quickly in Wellington) and it sat around all last year. 

Oliver & S Bucket hat
I made it reversible in Mr F's favorite colors, but held my breath that although he'd grown a couple of inches last year his head size would be similar. Thankfully it was.  I didn't spend quite as long sewing circles round the brim as I wanted to get it finished and worn so it's not quite as well sewn as the red hat.  You can see in the photo below the set up at the fabric hoarders Sunday sewing - lots of big long tables to spread out on!
Reversible as well.
Mr F looking very happy with his surprise green hat.
I was also pleased to finish a hat for Mr D.  I had thought about making this for a Christmas present but knew I would be pushed for time so I didn't mention it. I did wash the material and dry on the line outside so it was hard to keep the fact I was making something starwars a secret! This is the Escape hat by Angel Lea Designs.  via PDF.  I made two hats, the first one a uregntly needed painting hat, which meant I used what I had to hand, which was a tan woven and a tan stretch - not the easiest combination to sew together. I also cut out sew in interfacing rather than iron on and decided to use that. It didn't have quite the same body to it but it was in use straight away so can't have been too bad.

In usage about 2 mins after making!

I added the fabric band that was included but only on one side to see how it worked. It was good to try it out but since it added to the sewing time I didn't bother in the starwars version.

With the fabric band

With a peek of geek

Or all star wars
 Apparently its perfect for cricket watching. Now only need to make one for Mr J and myself and we are all set for summer!

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  1. They look great - I'm also pleased to be a guest star in the background! Mr F really was so pleased with his hat when you gave it to him (so cute how thrilled he was!) and it really suits him