Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bluet Dress

I bought this beautiful dress pattern with some of  the other Wellington Sewing Bloggers.  Its from a small independent pattern house in France. Very fancy.  Unfortunately their instructions were not so fancy.  I love the back and after the second re cut I got it fitting really well. The collar instructions were almost non existent.

The very cute bow in the back

The front I mucked up by getting paranoid that it would not fit around the middle and I didn't have enough material left over to recut the front centre panels.  I had to cut off a couple of inches at the front neckline as it gaped quite a bit, then I added a self drafted facing to the front that I wrapped around the front to use as a button placard.  

The front before alteration
The final dress
I extended the sleeves, but lost any form of shaping in the process. I have since reduced the width of the sleeves but they could do with a button at the wrist edge to reduce width even further. 

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  1. Well done on sticking with it through all the adjustments!