Tuesday, January 19, 2010

why I'm decluttering

Decluttering going well but I'm stuck in that middle stage - the one where you have pulled everything out and sorted it but there is more rearranging before things can go back to their new home. We still seem to have an excess of stuff in our house - a result of households merging and inheritance. Probably should have stood at the front entrance and directed most of it away but its hard to let go of things that contain memories. Slowly letting go as I realise I will still have the memories even if I don't keep the XXX. Figured that I can't tell others what to do if I haven't implemented it sucessfully in my own life.

This is the first time I have had time to be house proud. I think last time the house looked good was before R came over on a date 9 years ago! Since then we have just accumulated stuff and done repairs. All good structural stuff but not design. Decided that I am too old to be living with student days stuff. That we deserve better - and it doesn't have to be designer expensive, just beautiful and fit for use.

Have realised with trade me that there is lots of furniture out there that isn't that expensive if we don't want new. Also realised that a lot of the things we hold on to are not that much of a treasure and someone else would be better off using them rather than them being in our space.

Away now to sort out the junk drawers - we had 7 drawers of things that need to reduce to 2. Have done 4, 3 to go.

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