Friday, January 22, 2010

It seemed like a good idea...

Spent a mother son day with J today. We went on a long drive to pick up some furniture I had bought online. When I bid I envisaged a family trip including a swim in the sea on the way back, but instead it was storm conditions. Forgot how interesting my son is when I actually listen to him, rather than nag/cajole him! Letting hubby catch up with the clearing out effort, he is slowly getting in the mood. Have started looking at business that offer storage options to add to my business information. Want to be able to offer stylish storage solutions, not just the plastic box! Recycled a coffee table, computer chair and printer and shredded 8 bags of old business papers this week so the house is looking a bit clearer every day. On the other side, have bought some outdoor furniture for our deck and will be shopping for some more kitchen equipment at a local big sale next week, but I will have measured and be shopping with a list this time!

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