Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gillian Merino Tunic

I recently took part in the Wellington Sewing Bloggers 'Whats in a name challenge'. The aim was to sew a pattern that had the same name as you. This then extended to your middle names, names of any women in your family, a name you would have liked to have been called etc in order to make something you'd actually want to wear. When I wore this to work for the first time and was doing a twirl (as you do) for my workmate she said that's very you. On that basis I christened this my Gillian tunic.

This is a self drafted merino tunic, made up very quickly as my workplace was freezing. I was very pleased with this when I made it as it kept me very warm. But after looking at the photos I can see that the shoulders are a bit wide and I know the back needs taken in. I self bias binding around the sleeves and neckline and managed to get the tension about right - which is a first for me after completing the Craftsy 'Ultimate Tee" course.  I'm hoping this will become a tried n true pattern in the future and have already bought some blue material to make this up in next.

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