Monday, September 1, 2014

French Red Scarf

One could be mistaken for thinking that after taking 7 years to finish my last scarf, I would be reluctant to start another. But no - I wanted a red scarf, and found two balls of silky, smooth French wool at the Fabric-a-Brac earlier in the year.
French merino mix wool
Unfortunately, while it seemed lovely and smooth all wound up, once knitted it turned into an itchy scratchy kind of scarf. Guessing as I did the number of stitches I would need for a scarf, the first version was a wide as a jersey.  I decided to be an adult and unpick the 5 inches I had done, and reduce the number of stitches. Version 2 is still a bit wide, especially given that I only had two balls of wool.
Under construction - Version 2
It's now a completed short fat scarf that I can wear as long as its not close to my skin. But at least it was completed within a couple of months - I'll take my successes where I can!
The final scarf

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