Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I made a red and white checked half apron last week, and gathered the top before attaching a the ribbon ties. Unfortunatly when I went to wear it this week, with the gathers it was a wee bit too small at the top to be of much use in keeping my clothes clean!. So out came the unpicker again, and I've now taken off the ribbon. Will wash it first, and then make it into a butchers type apron.
This would have been a hassle but I already had the unpicker out as I have been making my first dress in a wee while. It was rather tight fitting when I tried it on mid making, so redid one of side seams smaller, and then made sure I sewed the other one as close as I could. just need to be able to get the ironing board out to press the dress before I can do much more sewing, and I need children asleep for that.

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