Saturday, June 18, 2011

With a deep breath I start again

Yes, its time to start sewing again. Work deadlines have been met and the mid night finishes are over.
So why do I need a deep breath? Well, the last few times I used my overlocker, I could not get it to stop breaking the thread on the right needle. When I went on my pattern making course, the tutor suggested it could be my left needle. So when I tried out my machine last night I reset them, but it still did not work. (it did manage to sew on three threads for long enough for me to finish most of my slip dress.

Rang my local sewing repair shop, but they were closed for the day, but answered the phone. He suggested that it was the lower looper so rethread again.

So that's my first job tonight. Just hoping that the manual will help and the photos I took when I got the machine of how it is to be threaded actually work! Have a backlog of stuff to sew, starting with finishing off a top that is only supposed to take two hours to make, but it took me an hour to cut it out already. The material is so loose weave that I want to overlock it before I start to sew it, but now impatient so might miss that step!

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