Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 'it's only taken me 6 months to complete' top

I have been trying to get rid of those annoying things in life - the little niggles. So I set aside two days,and finally finished this top for my friend. This is what happens when you say, "I'll make you a top as a thank you"
and then agree to copy a top - without having actually seen the top in question. So first I had to learn to copy a garment via a night school course. Then figure out the sewing order, how to sew raglan sleeves, shirring elastic and rolled hems. Okay, if you look closely you can see I didn't actually roll the hems, I just overlocked them and sewed them on my normal sewing machine. I just wanted to get it done at this point as we were now at the end of summer... I quite liked the end result and it will be flattering, but it was a bugger to sew. Also finished off a couple of baby outfits for friends that are pregnant now just in case I get busy when it comes time to celebrating the new arrivals.

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