Tuesday, May 24, 2011

letting go of perfection

Its 10 pm at night and I'm still up - again. Too much to do and so little energy. Feel like I am not finishing anything these days, but then forget that I am also working 11 hour days three days a week - and parenting! I struggled with what this blog should be about - decluttering, family life, sewing. But since its my life, and my blog, I think I'll just make it about me!

So I have a big pile of sewing half done, sitting at the end of the dining table. I had cut out four garments to sew when my new (well, new to me) over locker arrived, but I forgot to plan in some playing time - and the fact that its handy to have the sewing machine out at the same time. Husband R pointed out that perhaps I was taking on too much, so trying not to sew until current work contract is finished.
Have mending to do, material to sort out, and refashioning to be prepared for. I;m hoping that while baby is asleep tomorrow I can go through fabric stash and give away the stuff that I'm not that interested in sewing now that I know a bit more about the whole process. and why spend time refitting something that I;m not sure I'll wear anyway?
Notice how I left the punctuation incorrect at the start of this sentence - it hurts but I'm trying not to go for the exact words to express myself or I'll never get there

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  1. Good on you Gill!! I know, it's so hard to look at the to do list, at the things one should do, the things one has to do, and the things one just WANTS to do... Ah life as the mother of small children. I tell myself that this too, SHALL PASS!! Hip hip hurray!!

    I am extremely excited to getting a sewing machine next week, but I also tell myself, where am I going to store it? when on earth am I going to learn to use it? That time will come at some point.

    See you next week!

    Ann xxx